Protect Your Identity

Startling Facts about Identity Theft

The strongest case for electronic ID theft protection is a glance at the current statistics on identity theft in this country. Here are just a few of the numbers:

  • Identity theft is the #1 type of complaint filed w/ the FTC
  • Identity theft increased by 40% from 2002 to 2004
  • Identity theft claims about 9 million victims per year
  • Over 50% of identity theft involves credit card fraud
  • Identity theft costs business and individuals almost $53 billion annually
  • Identity theft takes an average of 30-60 hours per victim to resolve
  • 25% of victims know the identity thief
  • 70% of identity theft is perpetrated by businesses you patronize
Identity Theft Protection

How Electronic ID Theft Protection Can Help

After reading such disconcerting statistics, it might seem that the threat of identity theft is ubiquitous and inescapable, but that is not true. Electronic ID theft protection can keep your good name and credit history safe with the latest in identity theft prevention technology. Electronic ID theft protection basically freezes your credit so no one can do anything to it without your OK. Your credit will also be perpetually monitored for suspicious activity, so you will be the first to know of any unauthorized changes. To draw an analogy, it’s like having an electronic bodyguard for your credit around-the-clock.

Keep Your Good Name Safe with Electronic ID Theft Protection

Part of what makes identity theft so insidious is that most victims realize too late that their identity has been compromised. By this time, a thief could’ve already run your credit and your good name into the ground, leaving you to clean up the mess. The best way to stop identity theft is prevention, which is exactly what electronic ID theft protection provides. On the rest of our site, you can find information on how electronic ID theft protection prevents identity crimes. You can also learn how to supplement your electronic ID theft protection with your own prevention efforts. Finally, get the answers to some commonly asked questions about electronic ID theft protection on our “FAQ’s” page. For more information on how electronic ID theft protection works, see our Electronic ID Theft Protection Basics page.



Protect Your Identity